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FS/Trade:Peritel 7800 (in box), A8 carts, TI 99/4a carts MORE

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I have a pile of trade/sale fodder that needs to hit ePay or trade for other stuff I do not have. I am open to offers for cash and VERY open to trades. The only thing I have a definite price range on is the 7800 as I need to *try* and get what I paid for it.


I have a LOT of stuff to put up, so I will slowly add to this post and, hopefully, edit as stuff gets sold/traded. I have attached photos. (WARNING: They are big, click at your peril!)1


DETAILS: I take PayPal // eBay feedback is eBay Seller: marlin41?ff3=10&pub=5574883395&toolid=10001&campid=5336500554&customid=&mpt=[CACHEBUSTER]

I ship worldwide, but be aware USPS raised its rates recently.

I prefer trades, in the following order of 'desire.'


WANTS: Atari 8-bit carts/hardware. (IDE Plus 2.0 hint, hint ) Not so much disks, but sometimes cassettes.

TI 99/4a carts/hardware/cassettes. Sometimes disks.

Atari Jaguar games

Atari Lynx games

PS3/PS4/PS Vita games I do not have (ask for haves list, is long)


Exactly which ones? Anything that is NOT on the attached PDFs is something I would be interested in trading for. If you have it and it is NOT listed on my "Haves" list, I am interested. Some may think that is too much. I assure, I am serious. If you want to buy something, make an offer, I will respond politely either way.


HAVES: (Pictures attached, but not in body):

[Everything that is going up right now is photographed. Some trades are being discussed, but not finalized. As soon as everything gets written up and/or traded. Then, it goes to ePay. Please save me (and the stuff) from that painful fate!]

[However, don't wait to message if you want to trade/buy, I will trade/sell it right away!!]





2015 Playstation Experience Trading Cards

PM for pics and list



Atari 7800 - Peritel/French/PAL Version in box, with docs SOLD to AA Member

Tested & Working, Works JUST fine with a US power supply. This is my second one.

Includes: 2 CX78 Joypads, working (both have the little joysticks, but only one actually stays in)

1 220v//european power supply

1 SCART cable

Manuals & registration cards

Why you want this: 1) It has an RGB board & port BUILT-IN by Atari!! If you get an Atari ST SC1435 cable (or build your own), it will connect directly to an RGB (15KHz) monitor!2

2) It plays all of the PAL versions of the 7800 carts which are less expensive say, for example, Motor Psycho!

3) The serial number matches the box

What I am asking: US$200 OBO (shipping worldwide, NOT included)



Major League Baseball (Box, docs, overlays, catalog)


Atari 5200

  • THREE versions 5200 Owners Manual (some water damage)
  • 2 5200 SuperSystem manual/poster
  • Controller Holder manual
  • VCS Cartridge Adapter (severely water damaged)
  • RealSports Football w/ manual
  • Pac-Man w/ manual
  • Pac-Man w/ manual & overlay
  • Super Breakout
  • Pole Position
  • Missile Command (manual ONLY)
  • Q*bert (manual only)
  • Qix (manual only)
  • Galaxian (manual only)
  • Centipede (manual only x2)



Intellivision Great Hits CD (from 2003!!!)



Police Quest (5.25" floppy) ask for pic


Atari 400/800/XL/XE Hardware & Software

ANALOG Magazines

  • January 1985
  • February 1986
  • April 1988
  • November 1989
  • +1 more



Parker Bros. Atari 8-bit carts (in box w/ docs) --as a lot--


Box is a little discolored, cartridge holder a little flattened

Super Cobra

Label has Actiplaque™

Manual has tear

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi: Death Star Battle

Box is a little crushed



Loose Atari made A8 carts --separate or as a lot--

Galaxian traded


Jungle Hunt traded

Pole Position traded

Robotron: 2084


Missile Command traded


Asteroids traded

E.T. Phone Home


Dig Dug



Loose Grab Bag A8 Carts --as a lot or separate--

XE Lode Runner

XE Ace of Aces

XE Flight Simulator II

K-Star Patrol

Fun With Art

Super Cobra Actiplaque!

Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom

River Raid

Demon Attack


Loose Atari carts Grab Bag #2 --as a lot or separate--


Dig Dug



Super Breakout


River Rescue


Loose Atari Made A8 cartridge --separate--

Educational System, Master Cartridge (Brown label)


Loose w/ Manual A8 carts --separate or as a lot--

Qix traded


Computer Chess



Complete A8 Carts --separate--

Kickback (Thorn EMI, Box, docs, catalog, all good shape)

Plattermania (Epyx, sealed)

Gorf (Roklan Software, grey/blue cart; docs & box: see pics)

Robotoron: 2084 (Atari, big box w/ Joystick holder, manual)

E.T. Phone Home (box is "okay")

Jungle Hunt

Asteroids Lg Box (even has a notice telling you if you leave it on pause too long, you cannot unpause!)

Galaxian (lg Box, okay)

Joust (Lg XL Box, fair to middlin box)


Sealed A8 Carts --separate--

Blue Max


Food Fight


Jungle Hunt (smooshed box)4

Caverns of Mars (smooshed box)4

Qix (smooshed box)4

RealSports: Football

Galaxian (small)

Joust (smooshed box)4

K-Start Patrol (box is old, dusty, but technically sealed)


TI 99/4a Software & Hardware



TI Books

Using & Programming the TI 99/4a Including Ready-To-Run Programs

Entertainment Games in TI BASIC & Extended BASIC


Complete TI 99/4a Carts

Defender (AtariSoft, Box, docs, reg. cards)

Demon Attack (TI, Box, docs, stickers on box)


TI 99/4a Carts with manual & loose

CartVer: Bg=Beige, Bk=Black, CL=Bk Cart, Color Label, BgBL=Bg Cart, Bk style label

ManVer: P=Plain version, F=Fancy graphics version

TI 99-4a Loose Trade.pdf









1PM if you want additional pics or have questions

2LIke a Commodore 1084/1084S/Phillips/Atari SC1435. I have tested them working with all but the Phillips. The connector is the ST monitor port, but the 7800 did not sync correctly to the SC1224 I had.

3I say, I KNOW it's not rare, that's what makes it funny. Now go away, you're bothering the customers . . .

4"smooshed" is a highly technical term. You should PM for pics














TI 99-4a Collctn.pdf

Atari8bit Lists (Have).pdf

Edited by MacRorie

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That's a very reasonable price for the French 7800. I paid the same for mine, and had to go through the challenges of getting a seller on ebay France to send it. I love it on my PVM. Good luck with the sale!


PS, If you have any PAL 7800 games you want to sell, let me know.

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That's a very reasonable price for the French 7800. I paid the same for mine, and had to go through the challenges of getting a seller on ebay France to send it. I love it on my PVM. Good luck with the sale!


PS, If you have any PAL 7800 games you want to sell, let me know.



It really is what I spent on it. Yeah, it was SUCH a hassle getting one. So much of a hassle that I ended up with two. (Thus the sale). They are really nice and connect effortlessly to the 1084s/etc. The cable was a pain until I found out that the SC1430 cable works PERFECTLY, even has an audio connection cable. I really think this is the best picture possible on a 7800.


NO, no 7800 carts for sale. AM keeping them since I still have the other one.

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