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HSC01 Round 3  

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  1. 1. Astrocade High Score Club Round 3

    • Cosmic Raiders
    • Pirate's Chase

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Round 1 of the Astrocade High Score Club began on January 31, 2016. For the last month scores have been posted to the Bally Alley Yahoo discussion group for the two games: "Astro Battle" (a "Space Invaders" game and "Space Fortress" (a clone of the arcade game "Space Zap"). Today, Albert created the Astrocade High Score club subforum (hooray!). Future rounds of the HSC will be played here at AtariAge.

If you missed the HSC's previous two rounds, then that's okay. Just jump in here at the curent round. A few future rounds will specifically allow previous games to be played in special "catch-up" rounds.

For now though, it's time to choose the game for Round 3.

1. Cosmic Raiders



In deep space lies the alien sector Larkin. You are there on a mission to obtain energy sources that have been seized by the evil Larkins. Radar and a superior guidance system help you avoid attacking fighters and Kamikaze ships. The energy stars are near the Larkin command ship: you must retrieve them before you can leave the enemy sector.

Here is a video review by "NiceandGames:"

Here is the manual for "Cosmic Raiders:"


Here is a reivew of "Cosmic Raiders" that originally appeare in the "Arcadian" newsletter (see review #15-- search the page for "Cosmic Raiders"):


2. Pirate's Chase



Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! Race to scoop up as many gold doubloons as you can carry, but watch out! The pirates are on your trail! How much of the treasure can you collect before Long John Silver collects you! Score points for every doubloon and treasure chest you can steal from the pirate crew! A frantic, fast-paced game, and the action never stops.

Here is a video with some gameplay:

Here is a review of "Pirate's Chase" (this is an excerpt from the "Programmable Parade" column, "Electronics Games," November 1982):


Here is the manual for "Pirate's Chase:"


Don't be put off by "Pirate's Chase" graphics; it's actually a really fun game-- especially in two-player mode.

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I failed to mention when this poll for the Round 3 of the Astrocade HSC ends.


Poll ends: Wednesday, March 2, 2016 at 10pm (Mountain Time)


I may not be able to end the poll on-time, in which case, well, it'll end on or around March 2'nd or 3'rd.


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I don't have the privilege to close the poll here. Hopefully that will be worked-out soon. However, as of right now (with 7 members voting), the poll stands at:

Cosmic Raiders - 4 Votes (57.14%)
Pirate's Chase - 3 Votes (42.86%)

I'm closing the poll-- but I can't actually stop people from voting until Albert gives me the right to close the poll properly. Any votes that might stumble-in after this posting do not count.

So, it's "Cosmic Raiders" for Round 3 of the Astrocade High Score club! I'm still reposting to the AtariAge Astrocade HSC forum posts from rounds 1 and 2 that were originally made on the BallyAlley Yahoo group. Once I'm done with that, then Round 3 will begin.



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