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My Atari Lynx Collection for Sale (UK)

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Hi guys, I hope this is withing the rules to list here, i'm in the process of selling of the last of my retro items and atari collection.



What you see here is my humble set of Lynx's and 24 games, full list below.


If you have any questions please feel free pm me here on on ebay.


• working Lynx 1

• Spare Lynx 1 with broken power socket- could be used for spares

• Working Lynx 2

• Plug in power supply

• In-car charger

• Travel case for Lynx 1 with 2 game card compartments

• Travel case for Lynx 2 with 12 game card compartments and space for chargers

• Boxed hockey game card

• Boxed pinball jam game card

• Boxed xybots game card

• 2 copies of California games game card (both boxed)

• Boxed Batman returns game card

• Boxed Ms. Pax-man game card

• Boxed STUN runner game card

• Boxed super skweek game card

• Boxed Hydra game card

• Boxed Toki game card

• Boxed crystal mines II game card

• Boxed Robotron 2084 game card

• Rampage game card (not boxed)

• Pinball jam game card (not boxed)

• Block out game card (not boxed)

• APB game card (not boxed)

• Dinolympics game card (not boxed)

• Shadow of the Beast game card (not boxed)

• The fidelity ultimate chess challenge game card (not boxed- previous owner has written name on top of game)

• Pac-land game card (not boxed)

• Hydra game card (not boxed)

• Blue lightning game card (not boxed)

• Switch blade game card (not boxed)

• "Lynx log" magazine

• "Lynx user" magazine

• Owners manual

• Rycar video game manual

• xenophobe video game manual

• Gauntlet: the third encounter video game manual

• Electrocop video game manual

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