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Atarius Maximus

Hacking Indy 500

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Here's a quick and easy guide for those of you who would like to make a new track in Indy 500 using Hack-O-Matic. You're only actually editing 25% of the screen, which is then mirrored and reflected to the remainder of the screen.




Hacking Indy 500 with new tracks was suggested by Inky in a thread in the 2600 forum, and it sounded like a cool idea. I may put a little more time into this later, but I wanted to share what I found this morning.


Have Fun! :)




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Thanks for the proprs!


One thing that disappoints me aboutthe way the tracks are laid out, it makes it impossible to try to recreate Pole Position 2 type tracks. Imagine playing the Seaside track. :D

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...disappoints me about the way the tracks are laid out...


Yeah, the mirroring of the graphics really limits the number of designs you could come up with. Certain graphic images are reused on different tracks as well, so if you change one graphic, you may change another track too and make it "undrivable". Ah, the limitations of a 2k game.


I made a few more changes, so now each track has been changed in the game. Acutally, the original file I posted has some errors in it from when I was poking around making graphics changes. They've all been fixed. All tracks are now "drivable" and have been changed to something new.


I didn't spend a whole lot of time on this, I'm sure someone else could probably come up with some cooler new tracks.




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