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The NEW Super AMS revolution!

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Tim (InsaneMultitasker) had an excellent suggestion for a NEW Super AMS thread, and now that Jim, (Ksarul) will be bringing the amazing capabilities of this device to the masses, it'll no longer be a rare and hard to obtain item, so I expect interest and excitement will grow around it.


There is also some talk behind the scenes of some current programs being modified to exploit it's capabilities as well. I think the next couple of years around here are going to be exciting TImes! :thumbsup:


Now I'm curious what kind of things do all you guys out there 'envision' as ways to exploit this new card? I'm sure there are things that no one has even considered yet. The sky's the limit, after all 4 megabytes is quite a jump from 32K.


open-4-biz.jpg Come on in!





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Should not this thread be in the Development sub-forum?




You're right. Hello Old CS1... can you move this?

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