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TI Manuals: Free to a loving home - Sorry all gone.

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Sorry. Dey be gone....


To acquire a handful of manuals I needed, I bought a bulk of ones I didn't need.


So I'm making the spares/duplicates available here for the price of postage.

They are:





The Attack (classic /4 graphics)

Blackjack and Poker

Car Wars (classic /4 graphics)

Football (classic /4 graphics)

Hangman (note: this manual has been hole-punched for a binder (idiots!))

Hunt the Wumpus (classic /4 graphics)

Munchman (re-release /4A graphics)


Super Demon Attack

Tombstone City (classic /4 graphics)

TI Invaders (re-release /4A graphics)

Video Games 1 (note: this manual has been hole-punched for a binder (idiots!))



Addition & Subtraction 1 (classic /4 graphics)

Adventure (classic /4 graphics)

Alien Addition

Early Reading (classic /4 graphics)

Minus Mission

Touch Typing Tutor


Home Financial Decision (classic /4 graphics)

Personal Record Keeping (classic /4 graphics)


I know first hand how hard it is to find manuals sometimes (albeit most of these are pretty easy to find), so please don't say you want them all just to flip 'em on ebay (gawd I hate that). I'm giving them away for free a day after I paid for them so that folks who might need one or more of them can check them off their wish list, not so someone can make a quick buck. I got the ones that I needed, so I'm sharing the rest. Please make your requests within the spirit of the offer.



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interested in what ever is left over. i have no TI 99 game manuals


Sorry, they were gone through pm's the first night.


But a handful of manuals got into a handful of loving homes, so my job is done.


My manual wish-list is still quite long (for an unpopular category, educational manuals are friggin' hard to find - way harder than the games). Buying manuals in bulk and giving away the ones I don't need is probably my best bet, so I'll be doing this again as soon as I find someone else clearing out a bunch.


So with luck there will be another batch in the future.




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PeBo... did you scan them all into PDF's before putting them up for the taking? | :)


Well why do you think they gave me a high-speed desk scanner at work?? Surely they didn't want me to use it for my job!?


I'll do the ones I'm keeping, but I don't want to take apart the ones I'm offering here - I'll let the recipients do that if they are so inclined. I think they are all covered by the whtech collection though (albeit, those take a lot more cutting/pasting/collating to turn them back into formatted manuals)


I haven't actually seen them yet (they are in transit), but the condition looks good from the photos (except for the hole-punched ones, why would someone do that? Tabarbak!) so I don't want to risk damaging the ones that others will be getting. I'm still kicking myself for ripping a pristine Miner2049 instruction sheet (got caught in the feeder) from my last batch of scans.

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