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Nybl - A Science Fair Microcomputer Trainer Emulator

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Thanks for the replies. Yes, I see that screen. Then, I press "Enter" for instance, and I get into the next screen

where the LEDs, the keyboard, and the HEX display appear. There is where I have the problem with the "run/play button".




I have a GROM.bin, and EXEC.bin that I found on the web, but I do not know if these are originals. I tried to get them

from the links of jzintv4droid, but I could not, so I look for them on the web. But I do not know if they are originals or

not, I just tried to see if they worked, and that's it for the moment. I downloaded jzintv4droid last week as well. It is

strange that there are 4 buttons empty, but I do not know even the game console.


Thank you very much. Regards.

The four 'empty' buttons represent the intellivision controller's four side action buttons; two for left handed people and two for right handed people. The bottom side action buttons can be programmed for seperate functions.
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