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Thanks @sparkdrummer. Ditto on looking forward every month to the one thing you do which does not suck.


Disk of the Month: These Barry Gibbens games are graphically nice for the era. Especially Cathay. 

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3 hours ago, sparkdrummer said:

Thanks for the flowers retroclouds.

It’s always good to know someone likes the little ol’ TI rag from Phoenix. 

There are a lot of us that appreciate your efforts here, @sparkdrummer. I had fun looking at the announcement for HQ_Stacks. It was actually an interesting hypertext program for the Geneve. I bought a copy of it right when it was released and played around quite a bit with it. I don't thing there are very many original copies of it out there, unfortunately. It was also nice to look at the high score list again. I think I need to go through our monthly game competition files to see about getting you some updates. The gamers here have been mighty busy. . .


We probably need to point @tmop69 at some of those nice BASIC games in this month's issue too--they work well in BASIC, but some of them would pass awesome if compiled.

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Airshack - there is one other thing I don’t suck at - canceling subscriptions to YN. 


Ksarul - that would be great if we could update the IF&G. 

Ed in Sodak - Yep, Alfred E. and me, we be mates. 

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