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Season 5 - The New HSC - Week 18 = Stay Frosty

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I think I'm all iced out...


Try again, and don't eat the yellow snow!


(now... there's an idea for Stay Frosty 3)

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made it to the end of the 2nd run-through

back later with the pic!

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And yes, I'm Lauren Tyler, instead of Larcen Tyler. Read the General Discussion board to find out more.


(As for HighScore.com, I've yet to figure out what I'm gonna do over there.)


Welcome to the High Score Club!

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Bummer, sorry I missed out. Glad y'all enjoyed it!


RL has been keeping me extra busy of late. We're done repainting the exterior, next up is to touch-up the paint on interior walls and doors. Also been dealing with a couple leaks in the roof, and we've been having a lot of rain around here:


May 16th




May 25th (today)



First roofer I called was one I'd used a couple times in the past, they'd done excellent work. When they came out we were in the middle of a thunderstorm, so they climbed around in the attic and said they'd come back later to get up on the roof. They never came back, just sent me an estimate and stopped answer my calls and emails :?


So I got ahold of another roofer that a friend recommended. We were having bad storms the day I called her, so she said she'd come out as soon as there was a break in the weather. She kept her word and showed up a few days later when the sun decided to peek out. She uncovered a bunch of hail damage and said I needed to involve my insurance. She even came back out on Sunday when the Insurance Adjuster came by. It was interesting seeing them play "tic-tac-toe" on the roof, apparently anything over 8 points of hail damage in their sample area is bad. The west slope had 14:



South = 13, East = 12 and North = 10. Now I'm waiting on the paperwork to make its way through the system.


All was not work though, there's also been some family fun :)

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