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Handheld HSC Premiere Season Round 6: The Amazing Spider-Man

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System: Gameboy


You can continue if you want, When you do though your score resets.


Deadline 05/23/16




Bonus: The same challenge as last week. The goal this time is to get closest to your best time submitted. +2 for the closest, +1 for trying

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Amazing Spider-man:



i'll be back soon with my pics for these 2 scores.


one nice thing about a Handheld HSC, even when I have a busy day I can still play on the bus or what-not. :thumbsup:

It's fun getting the hang of this game, it always clobbered me in the past.

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143,860 144,160



just noticed today is the deadline so here's my final improvement final,final improvement. :)

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