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So Many Classic Video Game Projects!

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This topic is in response to NIAD's post in this topic.


I think you need to take one day off for all your graphic artistry and put together a detailed MarketPlace thread that can house all your services and products that are available. Once this is done, all your fans (myself included) on here can provide people with the link to your MarketPlace thread. :waving:

Basically, What is it I do?


To be honest, I'm not sure the best way to go about listing what I do or what I've done. The reason is, I've done many different projects over the years and they have lead to many other different custom projects. Some of which turned into recurring products such as cart labels, overlays, and posters. Much of the work I do is either custom (people contact me for their personal video game project) or for the homebrew market (main overlays, and some labels). I guess the best way is to just list it all.


My Atari Age stuff I've done/doing:

- ColecoVision Mr. DO! Poster & Maybe More...

- Colecovision Labels Thread

- Interest Check for Reproduction Cart Labels

- ColecoVision Overlays Available (Reproduction)

- Interest Check: Reproduction Controller Overlays (INTV)

- ColecoVision Trading Cards with Binder!

- ColecoVision Trading Cards CV-02

- Sears TELE-GAMES INTV (new) Overlay set

- ADAM Game Disk Labels & Disk Sleeves (Interest Check)

- ColecoVision Wall Poster (20" x 30")

- ColecoVision Flashback Facelift Label Kit

- Sears Overlays wall poster?

- Insert cartridge here" sticker for the top of the Coleco?

- Interest Check: IMAGIC Foil backed overlays

- Interest Check: Orphan Overlays For CV?

- SAC overlays for non-SA games?

- ColecoVision Hardware Collection Poster

- Coleco Tabletop Arcade Collection Poster

I don't know if this is a complete list. I know it doesn't include:

- 100 or so Atari 2600 labels and growing quickly (including Atari, Activision, Imagic, M-Network, Parker Bros)

- The many homebrew overlays

- Or the custom cart labels/everdrive labels

Heck, there is a lot of custom stuff I've done (NES, SMS, Genesis, SuperNES, Turbo16) and then there is the stuff I'm working on currently:

- Atari 5200 overlays/labels

- Atari Jaguar overlays

- OD2 labels/posters (awesome art work on those OD2 game boxes)

Okay, there it is. My comprehensive list of things I do/doing/done. I've basically done something for every major classic platform at some point (minus Vetrex, Arcadia 2001 and a couple others). I even make control panel overlays for some arcade machines. My lists are alway growing, so if there is something you are looking for and you don't know if I have it, just drop me a PM and I'll see what I can do.

Does that work for you Jim? :)

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You wouldn't happen to have a flashback facelift kit would you???

Sorry I do not. That was a past project and is no longer active.

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Awesome info thread!!! :thumbsup: This should keep your PM inbox pretty full for a while.

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Awesome info thread!!! :thumbsup: This should keep your PM inbox pretty full for a while.

I don't think it works that way. At least it hasn't yet.

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