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I knew it would happen eventually... I need a sticker.

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So I put on my kid gloves and started playing my Vectrex... With the first touch of the stick it dropped to the bottom of the controller. I knew what this meant I have already watched every video on vectrex repair just to be ready for the day something went wrong. I'm good at fixing this stuff but that sticker covering the screws is a problem. The repair was easy.Somehow all 4 screws holding the stick to the top of the controler came out. I did pretty good actually better then most of the videos I saw but that sticker curled and it just doesn't look right anymore. So heres the point of my sad story. I have found a couple replacements for sale on ebay, but I'm wondering if anyone here has had experience with replacements. I want it to be as accurate as possible in apearence and texture. And Im sure im asking for too much here but it would be great if it said made in Taiwan in the lower left. All the repros I have seen are the Hong Kong variant. This is not as important as color and texture to me but it may bug me a little. Any suggestions on where to get the best?

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I guess you mean the controller fascia / overlay? I only know those from Rich / RWAP Software, that´s the same gentleman that sells replacement keyboard membranes and other stuff for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum on his "SellMyRetro" platform. You can get a MB and GCE version, no Japanese Bandai version so far, here the GCE US version:




I guess you can also buy the same product slightly more expensive over eBay from him.

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Ah yes He does sell on ebay too. I actually sent him a message asking if he had a Taiwan model. They look very good. HAve you seen any in person. I want the best version that is out there. The Taiwan is not all that important. If they are good I will go with him ragardless. For some reason I think that I just want to fool myself into thinking this never happened.

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I have not seen them in person, I only heard that they should look good and if they are the same quality as the Sinclair ZX Spectrum faceplates or ZX 81 replacement repro keyboards it should be all fine I guess.

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I have seen the controller overlays from both RWAP Software SellMyRetro.com and from CreativeBOXgaming.com in person after having ordered some from each supplier. I can say they are all pretty good. Not 100% perfect. For the person performing a controller repair who wants a reasonably priced Vectrex Controller Overlay Decal / Sticker / Fascia those two suppliers are going to be as go as any produced at this time. In my opinion they are good enough for finishing off your controller repair job for a controller being used on a daily basis.


My supplier list in order of preference for a regular GCE or MB version controller decal sticker.

  1. RWAP Services / ( SellMyRetro Web Site:http://www.sellmyretro.com/user/profile/rwap_software?filterKeyword=Vectrex , EBay: http://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?&_ssn=sellmyretro_computers&_nkw=Vectrex)
  2. CreativeBOXgaming.com (EBay: http://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?&_ssn=creativeboxgaming&_nkw=Vectrex )


The Positives:

  • Accurate sizing.
  • Accurate graphic.
  • Good color.
  • Acceptable texture and feel. I think RWAP Services does this just a hair better than CreativeBOXgaming.
  • Decent material.
  • Good adhesive. The ones I have used has stayed put.


The Problems:

  • Not as thick as the original due to lacking
  • Does not have the visual depth of the original. This is due to a lack of textured lamination over the printed layer.
  • Does not have an accurate texture feel. The original clear lamination was textured in a manner that more closely matched the texture of the ABS plastic of the controller shell. The current 3rd party produced controller decal stickers, while feeling okay, lack this texture.
  • Unknown wear lifespan. Yes the quality is still good, But since there is no thicker top layer lamination on the current 3rd party produced controller decal stickers you might experience a shorter lifespan. Still better than nothing at all.


Other benefits:

  • CreativeBOXgaming sells multiple alternative designs never seen on the original controllers. Nice designs in my opinion.
  • CreativeBOXgaming is a little lower priced. But that price advantage is negated if you are outside of the USA.


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away there was another supplier who produced a 100% accurate replacement for the GCE version controller decal sticker. That person was Mark DiLuciano operating under the business name of Sunmark (formerly http://www.sunmark.com/). Mark thought out his Vectrex controller overlay sticker design and production very well. None of the pictures on the internet do justice to how good those controller decal stickers are in person. If you can find someone who has one of Mark's Vectrex controller overlay stickers for sale here, or on other forums, then that is the one I would chose over any of the current production at this time.

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I haven't checked this out myself, but Console5 also has replacement controller overlays:




Though it is the Hong Kong label type.


Just a thought for a US distributor

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