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[TI BASIC] Use the OR in the IF? Possible to create an .EXE from a .DSK?

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Hello, I'm new in the forum... not in the TI99 using: I,m 46 :D.

This week I re-started to develop silly games in TI BASIC but my memory is very poor...

I discovered is possibile use AND in a IF (using *) but I don't know insert a OR.

Anyone knows if is it possibile generate an .exe file (with an emulator embedded) starting from a DSK file or a basic list?


Thank you very much and very nice forum!



Edited by Luca Brentaro
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Welcome Here Luca ! :)


i think is not possible to create a .EXE from a .DSK, maybe others can confirm it.


What are you developing instead ? i am curious :)

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Stupid thinks, but I'm happy to do it :D.

My answer was wrong... to create an OR we have to: IF (COND1) + (COND2) <> 0 then ATLEAST ONE CONDITION IS TRUE... so it's an OR

I will let you know!




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