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serial printer graphics capture

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Hello all,


I am posting to hopefully get some help with why 2 small Visual Basic 5.0 programs are stating "Unexpected Error" when they opened and worked fine before my hard drive crashed.


Back story - A few months back I decided I was going to start doing a newsletter again based on stuff for the TI-99/4A. You can see some of my output on the TI-99/4A forum under the post titled Yesterdays News.


After printing a few on a dot matrix printer I was searching far and wide for something that could capture output from the TI to the PC and convert to a pdf file.


I finally found the answer - filecap and prn2pbm which can be found here:




I am running Windows 98se - Yeah, I know it's dead,dead,dead but it worked for me.


Anyway, Got the above software working and everything was going great, then my hard drive crashed. Reloaded Windows from a backup and have attempted to run filecap and prn2pbm and now I get Unexpected error.


Can anyone point me in the right direction on what and old fart like me might do to get them working again?


Or does anyone have any other software that could work?


I am capturing via RS232, baud rate 9600, 8,n,1


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Is it possible that the backup contains older DLL files or other support files than you had before the crash? I asked Google about VB5 and unexpected error, and got a few hits from 12-18 years ago that point to missing or wrong version libraries, possibly other modules within VB.

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Well carlsson got me to thinking about maybe older files being the problem, so I took files from a computer running XP and stuck them on the win 98 machine and it worked! I was so happy I darn near soiled myself. A fresh backup was just completed.

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