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Jam out on your Atari! JAM_OUT.bin



Use the Joystick to create musical compositions on your Atari!


Composition Controls

Joystick - You control a Tracker/sequencer which contains predefined chiptunes and patterns.

The 8 directions on the joystick each trigger an initial pattern that will continue to play additional notes if you allow it. Holding the joystick in a direction will repeat the initial pattern, and you can switch the pattern/direction any time during play.

Perhaps the most interesting feature, the button increments the master tempo (loops from 0-11) which affects not just the tempo but also controls what Atari instruments are created.



Playback Controls

Select - Play back composition

Reset - Clear memory


Your composition is automatically recorded and can be quite long - the screen will turn RED when memory is full, and violet when playing back a composition (no input is accepted during playback).

Here is a composition where you can hear drums and bass guitar carrying a fast beat with a Lute and xylaphone performing the slow haunting melody, and cymbals and other interesting sounds and effects:

Haunting Melody composed with JAM OUT on the VCS.zip


What can you create? :)


JAM OUT is written in BASIC and easy to modify - I will post the source code on the programming thread so anyone who wishes can change the default patterns in the Tracker to create other instruments and sequences to jam with!


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