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Alternate uses for your 5200 controller coupler... hint: NES Smash TV!

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Hey guys, I just got my next Wired-Up Retro episode up and wanted to share my mod:


The coupler mod is twofold:

1) 2 NES gamepads held for playing Smash TV.


2) 2 Quickshot VII Atari 2600 controllers held for playing Atari 7800 Robotron 2084 (or certain of the 2600 dual joystick games).


The second one may also work on 5200 Space Dungeon and 5200 Robotron 2084 if you have two Masterplay Interface adapters. Let me know what ya think :)

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What is smash tv?

what happens when hulk watches the news.


on a lighter note it makes me want to get to good 2600 pads again put in a robotron controller coupler out of lego for the 7800 again

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