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Dragon/CoCo Multi-cart to Vectrex Extension

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The Dragon/CoCo Multi-cart to Vectrex Extension now is available.

Use your Dragon/CoCo Multi-cart to play games on your Vectrex console.

Pictures and Information following soon. Please have a look on the Dragon/CoCo Multi-cart thread.



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Modding Dragon Multi-cart version 1.5 for use with Vectrex Extension

You have a Dragon Multi-cart version 1.5, which you would like to use with your Vectrex console? Before you can do that, you have to do some little modding of your cartridge. Please look at the two illustrations while you read these instructions:

  • Pull out IC1 (eprom) and put it to a save place
  • Remove the bottom metal plate (3 screws)
  • What you have to do is to cut the connection between pad 33 and pad 34 on the edge connector, which on a Dragon/CoCo, both are GND. On the pcb they are connected by a tiny via. You cut the very short trace between via and pad 33.
  • Pad 34 now will be used to feed the Multi-cartridge with GND, which it already does. :thumbsup:
  • Pad 33 will connect exclusively to eprom pin !CE (IC1 pin 22), which you have to do with the help of a tiny wire. There already is a little correction-wire on your board. You remove this or just re-use it for your connection to pad 33. You must cross to the other side of the pcb. So drill a little hole on some empty spot of your pcb and thread in your wire. When soldering the wire to the pad, be careful not to spoil the whole pad, which still has to fit into the slot connector of your Dragon or Extension cart. Leave at least 6 mm to the rim unaffected for the connector.
  • Put everything back together




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project update


I burned an eprom full of Vectrex-roms for testing purposes and checked them all:

slot size game

00 16 AllGoodThings.bin
02 16 DarkTower.bin
04 16 Moon9.bin
06 16 PatriotsIII.bin
08 16 Revector.bin
10 16 Rounders_16k.bin
12 16 Royal21.bin
14 16 SpikeHoppin'.bin
16 16 StarTrekTheGame(Hacked)_16k.bin
18 16 V-Frogger.bin
20 16 Vaboom!_16k.bin
22 16 VecSportBoxing.bin
24 16 Vector21.bin
26 8 8Ball_8k.bin
27 8 Arkanoid_8k.bin
28 8 ArmorAttack_8k.bin
29 8 Bedlam_8k.bin
30 8 Berzerk_8k.bin
31 8 Blitz!.bin
32 8 Citybomber_8k.bin
33 8 CleanSweep_8k.bin
34 8 CosmicChasm_8k.bin
35 8 Etch-a-Sketch(LightPen)_8k.bin
36 8 FortressOfNarzod.bin
37 8 HeadsUp.bin
38 8 HyperChase_8k.bin
39 8 MailPlaneFull.bin
40 8 MelodyMaster(LightPen).bin
41 8 NarrowEscapeMod.bin
42 8 NebulaCommander.bin
43 8 Nonagalf_8k.bin
44 8 Paratroopers_8k.bin
45 8 PitchersDuel.bin
46 8 PolarRescue.bin
47 8 PolePosition.bin
48 8 RipOff_8k.bin
49 8 RockaroidsRemix.bin
50 8 SQUAREZ2015_8k.BIN
51 8 Scramble_8k.BIN
52 8 SolarQuest.bin
53 8 SpaceWars_8k.bin
54 8 Spike'sWaterBalloons_8k.bin
55 8 Spike.bin
56 8 SpinBall.bin
57 8 StarCastle_8k.bin
58 8 StarHawk_8k.bin
59 8 VecDrum_v101.bin
60 8 VectorVaders.bin
61 8 Vectrace_8k.bin
62 8 VectrexPong_8k.bin
63 8 WebWars.bin




All of them are working! :)


How did I make the collection?

  1. created a new folder "myMultiCartRomDir"
  2. copied all roms I wanted to this folder
  3. padded the 4k-roms and all roms with a wrong byte count to full 8k-roms or 16k-roms (with the help of an hex-editor)
  4. left 512k of roms inside the folder, removed the rest
  5. opened console and typed:
    cd myMultiCartRomDir jump into my folder
    cat $(ls -S1) > VectrexTestRom.bin concatenate all files in this folder, sorted by size, and write result into VectrexTestRom.bin
    (sorting by size guarantees, that all 16k-files are starting on even numbers)
  6. burned this file

Quick and easy!


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