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SpartaDOS X 4.48

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Just upgraded my SIDE2 from SDX 4.48 to 4.49c beta. The 4.48 image I last used was missing FDISK, so I've just lived without it for a while :) Now that I had FDISK again, I deleted the last of 4 partitions I had assigned to D5, D6, D7, D8, and renamed the first partition in FDisk (D5) and set it as a boot drive.


First, it seems this fubar'd D6 and D7, as now SDX reports them as unknown file system. I didn't modify the sizes of the partitions, but I did change the name of the first. Is that enough to throw off the successive partitions? I should have backed up first, but didn't lose anything irreplaceable... D6 doesn't have metadata for a name, but D7 does. Not sure how I missed that originally. Probably unrelated, but I noticed my original CF has metadata default OFF, whereas a new CF has metadata default ON.


Secondly, now that I could set D5: as the boot drive, I was hoping it would pick up a custom CONFIG.SYS placed on that drive, but it does not seem to see it. It will only process a CONFIG.SYS if it is on D1:. The AUTOEXEC.BAT on D5: does get processed as expected however, so my workaround is to load some DEVICE drivers via AUTOEXEC.BAT instead of CONFIG.SYS. (ie INDUS.SYS, RAMDISK.SYS). This is on a system with no U1MB, so no PBI BIOS for SIDE2.


Any thoughts about what I might have done that borked the 2nd/3rd partitions appreciated.



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This isn't really related to SDX, but certainly enabling and disabling metadata sectors on the fly is likely to cause issues. Best to set the global flag ON before partitioning the disk.


As for CONFIG.SYS: the reason it isn't picked up is that the operating system has no idea how to read the HDD until SDX loads the driver, and the driver is loaded when SDX processes CONFIG.SYS (from the CAR: device).

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Thanks fjc/kyle22.


I was scouring the config.sys section of the 4.48 manual last night, and have considered a custom car: fileset. That would indeed be a solution, plus let me put in some other tools I commonly use.


Speaking of the 4.48 manual, the default CONFIG.SYS is shown as still containing






All of these are not present in the default side2 build at least. I remember the reason being discussed why INDUS.SYS was not included. USE BANKED is specified in the side2 default CONFIG.SYS - manual says this is not specified on purpose as it will auto pick a setting depending on detected system.


Not critical, just a discrepancy in the documentation...

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In other news I'm happy to report I recovered my 2 'bad' partitions by re-applying the metadata flag on partition 2. I don't recall turning it off previously, but I'm happy!

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