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i'm mainly into the old homecomputer stuff.


My first contact with homecomputers, consoles and stuff was an old Intel Video Game (from my deceased father and i sold i ... well, i'm an idiot) in the 70s & my first "real" Homecomputer an Amstrad CPC 464. After this i collected a lot of computers like MSX, Thomson, different Atari ST Versions, some Sinclair ZX, the Commodore 264 row, Acorn Electron, TI-99/4A and many others.


Here are some pictures ... older and newer ones ...


My main focus lies on the Thomson computers.














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A little shelf update and some more pics ...


I received a boxed MO5E in an absolutely great condition some days ago ... time for a test ...

mo5eetu9b.jpg mo5e-3gtuo7.jpg

mo5e-4jmub6.jpg mo5e-5g6u0g.jpg

Pics of some of my shelves, the testing station and spare computers which i must repair and other things ... a lot of stuff is in my basement too ...

regal150ui8.jpg regal23uau0.jpg

repairgfu4k.jpg schranks3uit.jpg


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Thanks for sharing! I've heard of the Sinclair and Amstrad computers (mostly because I had a Timex-branded Sinclair myself) but I've never heard of the Thompson. Where were these available?

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The Thomsons are/were french computers made by the Thomson company. Here are some informations about it.




I "love" them, 'cause they are not common like the Commodores and other computers.


Mostly comparable with Sinclair ZX, Amstrad CPC, MSX and others ...

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Well, i received a BBC Master with a little keyboard problem. So i opened the case and cleaned the components. I've seen, that there was no internal battery pack included ... which is good i think, 'cause old packs could have a leak. I bought a new pack and i hope it will arrive soon.


The keyboard problem is gone ... it was heavy dirt under the keys ...


I noticed a further problem ... the three important psu capacitors weren't changed in the past, so i'll do it by myself in the next days (the two X2 and the 220uF).


I'll show the whole results the next weekend (including new keystrips and other stuff)


Here are two pics of the original condition.







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Well, a little update ...


First, the finished BBC Master 128.




My BBC Micro Model B. I implemented a volume control and a MMC.


dscn9472frs5s.jpg dscn9476zislm.jpg dscn9475z3snf.jpg dscn9487dnsxy.jpg


Oric 1 & an Atmos


oric1p3oyx.jpg orciatmosmqr1z.jpg oric1-19luyalsop8.jpg

oric1-1ayrhi.jpg oric1-2g4orf.jpg


A Dragon 32 and a Tandy CoCo2 (i use a CoCoSDC with both computers).


dragon32dwqdd.jpg coco22kraq.jpg


Tatung Einstein TC-01




... and some other homecomputers.


I'm restoring an Acorn A3000 at the moment and i hope i'll succeed.

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