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Justin Payne

3D Rendering of the 5200. Interested

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Hey all,


I wanted to get back into 3D rendering. It's been some time since I did this so my skilz are a bit rusty but I'm sure it will all come back to me. I thought I would start off by rendering the 5200. Now, I don't own a 5200 anymore and I haven't quite been able to find detailed dimensions. Depending on how detailed I want the model to be, it could be as simple as one model or models of each section (cable wrap post, case bottom, motherboard, top cover, controller storage cover). I'd then move onto the controller, and finally any other accessories such as the trackball.

Now, how people start off doing this is they get relatively straight on images of each side of the thing they want to render it, they place those image into their rendering software, and start connecting dots to eventually build a model. Here is an example...




Again, I found nothing online like this for the 5200.


So, for those interested in something like this (and possibly future renders), can you...

  1. Provide me with drawings of the 5200 at those straight on points
  2. Provide me with those types of photos
  3. OR provide me with detailed measurements of the unit? (This one I think it waaaay to much work)

David Vucetic said he'd be willing to do this but I figured I'd ask the rest of the community just in case someone already had this. This also gives me an opertunity to see if there is anything they would want to see in the rendering.


Thanks in advance...

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I know what I would like to see is the cover plate for a two port system. I could also use the cord wrap myself. Currently my two Port is having to sport a 4-port cover plate.

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Yea, that's a good point. I'd probably want to render the many versions bit probably focus on the 4 port first. After I get one done, the others should be a simple modification to thr model.

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