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Fried Whitewater... (Williams Pinball)

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My husband friend the WhiteWater...
We did the lithium conversion to the battery- he tested it before screwing the board all the way in, it worked.... then-

THEN... a screw fell out... he picked it up and put it in the wrong hole - (Near the hole by j202)

He shorted the machine replaced fuses F105, F106- and we got verticle lines on the DMD and we lost music and voice...

Pulled the boards - took pictures looked them over...

put everything back in and had nothing, no power past the Power controller board (LED 7 lit) and the Topper chaser board (2 leds of some # lit)



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So J101 was 1 pin off the previously repaired connector was NOT keyed so he didn't notice, 13Vac was hot shorted to 9Vac ... the result was the two 13V wires fusing and dead shorting from the backboard to the transformer.

So I'm down 1/3 of the wiring harness (only the blue-white wires cooked, and possibly a WPS transformer for Whitewater... *sigh*

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This is the board end, the other end has no pictures but was worse. most of the damage terminates at the D9 plug at the transformer- Also pictured is the board where the melting plug pulled a header pin.



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