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Anyone own a color Radio Shack TV Scoreboard? Need help.

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I have this pong console that works fine but I've noticed these thin evenly spaced vertical lines.

They're present on all games, channel 3 or 4 and they never move.


If anyone has this same console could you check to see if this is normal or not?

I'm wondering if there might be a faulty cap but really not sure.



post-35043-0-33790800-1472156152_thumb.jpg post-35043-0-38912900-1472156131_thumb.jpg




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I did some searching on the game chip MM57100N and ran across a few screen grabs showing the same vertical lines even with different consoles

so I guess it's normal for the ones that use this chip. Still kind of curious to know what causes it.


There's a japanese site with what looks like a custom homemade version using the same game chip and LM1889N modulator chip packaged into a clear box with video & audio composite outputs. Same vertical lines even with composite.



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