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INTEREST CHECK: New Reproduction Overlays...

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I was thinking about offering reproduction overlays for the 5200. I'm wanting to see if this is something that interests the community. These would be made like my ColecoVision reproduction (ColecoVision Overlays Available (Reproduction)) overlays. Let me know what you guys think.


These are the overlays I have done so far:




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I was looking at some of the other 5200 games to see if they might benefit from overlays. I found all of these titles that have at least one keypad function. Many of them have two ("player select" & "Game Select") and some have more!:


- Dig Dug

- Joust

- Jungle Hunt

- Kangaroo

- Pole Position (for controller and Trackball)

- Berzerk

- Moon Patrol

- Ms. Pac-Man

- Space Dungeon

- Vanguard

- Astrochase

- Ballblazer

- Mario Bros.

- Megamania

- Miner 2049er

- Pengo

- Gremlins

- Montezuma's Revenge

- Super Cobra

- Beamrider

- Quest For Quintana Roo

- Star Wars

- Zenji

- Frogger II Threedeep!

Heck, "Quest For Quintana Roo" I'm surprised doesn't already have an overlay. There is a lot of different functions on the keypad for that game. Do you guys think overlays are needed for these games as well? I say yes, but I've got a thing for overlays anyway. :-D

I forgot, the list above doesn't include these games which did come with overlays:


- Blueprint
- Frogger
- Gorf
- Kaboom
- MountainKing
- RiverRaid
- SpaceShuttle
- WizardOfWor
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I'd be interested!


I just picked up a copy of Space Shuttle Simulator and was thinking of printing something out on paper, but this would be way better.

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Could you make a couple of custom universal overlays? Pac-Man and Centipede use the same button layout, Qix and Super Breakout (iirc) use the same buttons reversed. I'm thinking something that lists the compatible games on top and says Atari5200 on bottom...

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Any room for more?



I didn't even think about homebrew game overlays. I'll have to give some serious thought about this. I'm thinking of splitting up the collections or maybe just selling the overlays individually. That way people can buy the ones they want. I'm just not sure yet.


More to come...

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