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Atari 8-bit Animation Program?

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you may use one of the old Micropainter (62 sector) or Koala animators for 3-5 pictures. Attached are some examples:


a) AlienAni, Cathy and Smurf include an animation program (five or six sectors in length, Autorun.SYS) for five uncompressed (62-sector) pictures. Just copy the Autorun.SYS onto your own disk and add five uncompressed Gr.15 pictures;


b) Max Headroom contains a Basic program (MaxHead.RM, length 20 sectors) for 3 Koala compressed pictures, just copy it onto your own disk and add three compressed Gr. 15 pics;


c) Schabern.ATR also contains an Autorun.SYS for 3 uncompressed (62 sector) pictures and some noisy music; just copy it onto your own disk and add three uncompressed Gr. 15 pics;


If all works well, the pictures load into memory and after the last picture has been loaded, the animation begins...




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