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Any GUI-based DHGR converters?

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Yes. I have a IIgs. Perhaps it is time to pull it out and make it ready. I also found a copy of SC4 right in my own archives. So it will convert a .jpg to DHGR? Cool. I didn't know that.

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There is for the apple II


BMP - converts BMP to DHR - runs under Prodos 8 - needs to have millions of colors reduced to 16 colors first

IIGIF - converts GIF files to a single or DHRes image - system file that runs under Prodos 8



For a PC or Mac (running DosBox)

TOHGR - a very simple command line program to convert images in PNG, JPG, or XPM format to Apple II images



BMP2DHR (by Bill Buckels) - command line to convert BMP to DHR




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