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Fun with my Stacy

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Shadow chip drives the LCD. TOS 1.04 is the only version that is patched to work with it, Dark Lord has a TT version on his Pak/3 board that is patched and works. I read on Atari forum he had someone patch it for him. I tried TOS 2.06 awhile back just confirm to no avail. I'm sure if you plugged in an external monitor it would bypass the shadow chip and work, but I never tried,


I have to admit to not knowing much about the shadow chip in the STacy. A few years ago, when I was doing all that work

on my STacy, I ripped the ROM set and sent it to someone (or maybe posted it?) and had it checked out. Common opinion

was that it was a stock 1.04 with no differences, so I dunno.


As far as the Pak goes, yes, I was lucky enough to get in contact with Holger Zimmermen, the original designer of the Pak,

Frak, and PupLa boards. He was kind enough to make an English version of the modified Pak TOS v3.06 ROMs for me. He

sent them to me via e-mail and I burned them here. Worked flawlessly from the start. The man is a real genius.


He pops in to the forums occasionally when something interests him. He helped me a lot with the Pak and getting it running

in my STacy.


The external monitor option works great. You can plug an SC1224 (or the high-res monitor) into it. I use one of those Ambery

scalers to output to an LCD. Not sure if the shadow chip is used or not, I'm assuming that it's just a standard ST's video output

at that point but it works fine (with some display issues in med-res). If you ever notice the screenshots I post in color, that's how

I get them.

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I believe it was brad at best that told me about the TOS issue on the Stacy





Thank you for your E-Mails dated 10-17-16 and 10-18-16 Robert.
Q. Hi Brad just wanted to confirm that you received the pictures
A. OK Robert here is a complete break down of costs for your
Called In (hours and days below) Atari Credit Card order:
1 Atari Stacy Joystick port door U$D 10.00
1 Atari Stacy Cartridge port door U$D 10.00
1 Atari Stacy 2nd Gen. flip down back port door U$D 25.00
1 Best made better Atari Stacy PAL Keyboard Mylar U$D 45.00
Shipping to WA 98531 U$D 6.95
Insurance U$D 2.65
Total U$D 99.60
If you would like to pay via PayPal Robert, our PayPal account number
is at the end of this E-Mail. Please cut and paste the above Atari order
break down of costs into your PayPal payment.
Q. Is it possible to do a selectable TOS, like 1.04 and 2.06 on the Stacy?
A Sorry No Robert. The Atari Stacy TOS chips are unique to the Stacy computer only because of the Atari
Custom LCD display Shadow Chip used only in the Atari Stacy and I think the ST book too.
Bradley Koda

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Interesting stuff that. Learn something new every day. :)

Ya but I dont know what the facts are now? I tried TOS 2.06 in the stacy and it didn't boot, but your running TT TOS on yours and it works???????.. So all I learned is I am more confused

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A modified TT TOS v3.06, through the Pak board. Not a switcher or as

a replacement for the original TOS v1.04.


I went back and took a quick glance through the German-translated to-English

docs I have on the Pak. The mods done to its' version of TOS v3.06 seem to

have been to enable it to boot, nothing at all to do with the STacy's shadow chip.


At least, I've never seen the shadow chip mentioned in the Pak docs anywhere.




Look at what Holger said about Pak combinations in an e-mail to me when I was

working on my Pak board:


"Hi Ronald,

Some hints:
All these combinations work fine:
TOS 2.06 on the Atari mainboard, no ROMs on the PAK, or ROMs on the PAK disabled
TOS 2.06 on the Atari mainboard, TOS 2.06 (4 ROMs, no patches required) on the PAK
TOS 2.06 on the Atari mainboard, TOS 3.06 (4 ROMs, with PAK patches) on the PAK

With TOS 1.xx on the Atari mainboard things are different:
After reset the ROM on the mainboard tell the CPU to jump to $FC0030, which is ok for TOS 1.xx.
But with TOS 2.06 or 3.06 we need a jump to $E00030.

In the PAK-patches for TOS 3.06 a so called boot-patch is included, which does the job.
But this patch is only tested for the German version so far.

Anyhow, I am going to compile an english version, with this patch included, and then let us see.

US or UK version?

Regards, Holger"

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