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WIP PS1 Net Yaroze Splitscreen FPS game

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Hello retro fans!

I was a Net Yaroze (SCEE) member back in the day.

I did do a bit on it, after finishing uni, but never finished nor released anything and since then lost what I did :(

I never pursued a gamedev career, mostly after seeing how difficult the gamedev was compared to business software :P


Anyway, the 20th year anniversary of the Net Yaroze is March 2017, so I've been working on a 3D Net Yaroze game since the start of 2016 in my spare time...



You can follow/contact me via:


I want to make clear, contractually I can't release Sony binaries nor code.. and Sony can still take back the dev kit when they like! :D :D :P


I'll probably contact Sony see if I can release it somehow (free of cause) on PSN.

If not, then I'll just port it to SDL2 over time.




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