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Triple buffering instead of double buffering

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I would ask if any of you have used the triple buffering in his demo.
The advantage of the triple bufferig would be that there is no need to waste computing power to wait a vcount; the disadvantage would be a great use of ram so its use would make sense on machines with at least 128kb.

I found this technique on Atari ST so it might be useful also for Atari 8-bit

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The RAM issue applies if you are using a higher res bitmap mode or char modes using multiple fonts. Char modes with limited font usage is still ok.


For a high res display then an area of ~8K ($2000) bytes is typically used. For triple buffering then, this can be placed for example at $4000, $6000 and $8000 and so if using a cart model with and 8K bank from $A000-$BFFF you can use the area below $4000 for data and code, banking in other code routines and data from the cart when needed.

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