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Jaguar Collection in at Local Game Store

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Now something like this coming in they would have definitely taken the time to do some research, but they may have known next to nothing about the Jaguar before this lot came in.

Nothing but speculation.

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Out of curiosity what do you guys think my collection is worth?


2 cd units boxed

5 base units 2 boxed



2 team taps

skunk board

and various other junk





Hmm, you should see if there are any video game swap-meets closer to where you live, you could make a lot of money off that stuff.

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Most shops that I have seen will have 2600, 5200 ect. consoles but I haven't seen a shop with jag stuff for over 15 years. But the shop owners I have talked to know the value.

eBay can give you SOME idea of the value, but try to look what they've sold for. There are a lot of listings out there for things which can be acquired for $70-100 where they inflate the price two to five times the value and hope to catch a sucker.


That said, if you're selling, I'd be interested in your copies of Impulse X and World Tour Racing.

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