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Odyssey 2 Hombrews

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When I was a kid I had one friend who had one of these, and the games he had always seemed so lame that we ended up at someone else's house to play Atari or Intellivision. It's possible he just didn't have the good games, but I've avoided buying a console because I figured it would just sit on a shelf. I've noticed there are quite a few homebrews available for it. I'm wondering if there are homebrews or even other games released in its lifetime that really blow you away and make you glad you have a console to play them on. There are quite a few for the 2600 that make me feel this way. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I've been thinking about picking one up. Thanks.

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Homebrews/ports (I'm sure there are more but I've been out of the loop for awhile):

Tutankham if you can find it. Awesome game. http://www.classic-consoles-center.at/videopac/tutankham-introduction Not many were made so it can be hard to find but last I knew it is was on the multi-cart.

Kill the Attacking Aliens (KTAA) is a lot of fun.



Other games that were originally made for O2 and make the system worth owning:

Pick Axe Pete

KC Munchkin

Attack of the Timelord


Killer Bees


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There are a few multiplayer games I keep replaying. "Showdown in 2100 AD" is my favorite. The ricochets always get my kids laughing and my brother and I can get quite competitive on it. :) Honorable mention to Blockout/Breakdown and Monkeyshines.

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