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SpartaDOS X system calls via CC65?

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Hello everybody, am trying to figure out the best way to do SDX system calls from C via cc65?


For example, there is a routine that can be called to get the current date and time:



void timedate(TimeDate* td)
  struct regs r;
  r.pc = 0x703; // KERNEL
  r.y = 100;    // GETTD
  *(byte*) 0x0761 = 0x10; // DEVICE
  _sys(&r);     // Do Kernel Call.
  td->day     = *(byte*) 0x77B;
  td->month   = *(byte*) 0x77C;
  td->year    = *(byte*) 0x77D;
  td->hours   = *(byte*) 0x77E;
  td->minutes = *(byte*) 0x77F;
  td->seconds = *(byte*) 0x780;


Is it possible to use a similar mechanism to get access to the other SpartaDOS X functions? For example, I need to be able to set errno, when one module of my program goes byebye, so that I can call the next program module to load (and to cut down on footprint. I do not want to write a whole overlay system when I can use the OS to do it reliably).


What I _want_ to do is have an overreaching TSR program (which I'd LIKE to be able to write in C), which will provide serial routines that I can call (open, close, read, write) from the other system modules (LOGIN.COM, BULLETIN, MSGBOARD, FILBOARD, BYE, etc.) and thus not only keep the memory footprint down, but to maximize modularity/flexibility.



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You could use JFSYMBOL function accessible at $7eb. Look at http://sdx.atari8.info/sdx_files/4.48/SDX448_Programming_Guide_EN.pdfchapter 16.1 "Looking up the symbols (S_LOOKUP)".

A number of information is accessible by COMTAB structure addressed by DOSVEC vector.


Edit: Main trouble is CC65 is not supporting relocatable SDX format, so making TSRs will be hard.

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Have a look at the MADS assembler examples (in the EXAMPLES folder). Writing native relocatable SDX binaries in straight assembler may be a bit of a learning curve, but it's worth it.

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No, but you don't have to use MADS' idiosyncratic features (just the directives pertaining to symbols and fixups, which would need to be catered for regardless of the language being used).

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