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Defend your Castle, will be released on Christmas Eve.

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This game is neat! Just put mine in an extra kangaroo shell. Has anyone made a box for this?? Someone should do that.

The box and manual, you can download from my homepage too.




Costs about 3-5 USD to have it printed at any copy-shop in your area.



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Completely of topic, but I released my second game for 2600/VCS this month.


Just download and try, most find it a very playable and funny game.

"Give me my Pancake !"


Based on a 80's game&watch and the theme of our gaming weekend last month.




Want to break the high score?

Set the game to difficult BA (the guy from the A-team) and beat 212, set by Mark Güttenbrunner (Austria)


My high score doesn't come close, "only" 121.....


Enjoy, Sijmen

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This game is awesome Sij, I love it! it really brings the multiplayer fun back. We had a little 4 person tournament, I knocked myself out the first round :/. You really have to gauge the pullback, its so easy to hit your own castle. Makes gameplay so frantic and fun. You really have to find your chi and take your time. Thanks again for this gem, top ten 2600 mutiplayer game.

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