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Convert ZX Spectrum pictures (.scr .mlt) into ColecoVision .pc files

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SCR2PC - Convert ZX Spectrum bitmap pictures into ColecoVision bitmap pictures

by Daniel Bienvenu aka NewColeco

January 2017


There are lots of cool ZX Spectrum pictures released as .scr or .mlt files and tools to make them.



Technical Information


ZX Spectrum bitmap screens are 256x192 pixels, same for the ColecoVision.

ZX Spectrum graphics files are composed of PATTERN and COLOR data tables, same for the ColecoVision.

ZX color palette is composed of 15 colors, same for the ColecoVision, but the colors are not the same. The video chip TMS9928 inside ColecoVision do not have two different magenta and two different cyan colors.

ZX PATTERN and COLOR data are structured differently, bytes in a different order between them and different than how ColecoVision handles it.


Considering all the similarities and differences, I've coded the following simple graphics converter tool.

This converter support both .SCR and .MLT files and can generate PATTERN and COLOR data into two files instead of one .PC file.

This solution is a CLI (command line interface) written in C.


CV Paint 2 can load and ZX Spectrum pictures as well but is no more supported.





ZX Spectrum Space Harrier title screen by MAC, 2014.










SCR2PC Version 0.3 (EXE, SRC, BATCH FILE): scr2pc.zip

Change log:

  • Fixed typos


SCR2PC Version 0.2 (EXE, SRC, BATCH FILE): scr2pc.zip

Change log:

  • Added multiple palettes


SCR2PC Version 0.1 (EXE, SRC, BATCH FILE): scr2pc.zip



Various Links


Convert PowerPaint pictures into PC files

Simple ColecoVision PC viewer (in Java)

Atarimax Coleco Ultimate SD Multicart

Gallery: ZX Art

Tool: Image to ZX Spec v2.0



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