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Mark Wolfe

FS: Shantae for Gameboy Color | Complete in Box | no repro | free ship

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$1,000 shipped


My wife & I bought this game when it first came out because we were fans of the Way Forward dev team who created this game under Capcom.


We were in our "hyper focused" collecting phase so we kept the boxes and all packing materials for games & consoles we bought.


The game itself is in MINT like new condition. I erased our save games from it so it's brand new for you.


It was lovingly cared for and gently played with by adults who are classic gamers.


This was one of the last games to be released for GBC so it has special GBA "enhancements" for graphics...


the game looks and plays beautifully with either GBA or GBC but we suggest using a GBA SP with the backlighting on because the game really pops on the SP.


I didn't know the game was as valuable or rare as it was until I recently found out by accident. I listed it at a little above current market value based on recent sales from web stats from several price watch web sites for collectibles.


We will consider any reasonable offer from passionate collectors who would like to own this game. Name your price and we will get back to you within 24hrs.


See photos! The condition is very good for the box, manuals and inserts. The cart is in MINT condition. The box and game manual have some stress creasing that is shown close up in the photos. I'm positive someone who is good with restoring packaging can get the creases out since they don't damage or mar the graphics at all. There are no tears or marks on anything


We will ship this in a Flat Rate Priority Mail International small box with bubble wrap and crush-proofing. Shipping is free anywhere in the world we are allowed to ship to.





Online review:


The game is beautiful and has alot of Colorful visuals and was considered those rare overlooked games that no one has heard of.


The reason why the game is expensive as of now is because the amount of copies are limimted between 20,000 - 25,000. The game also comes with something special once attached to a Gameboy advance systems.


The graphics may not be as glossy like the next installments, but this takes alot of wonderful effects on creating blends and tones.


The music is catchy and offers some of the best gameboy sound tracks ever created


The controls are simple and prefect, if you manage to play Stepmania/DDR, this game has that effect built in which rakes in a lot of income to pay for power-ups.


The fireflies scouting are difficult to find so you may need to require a guide.


All in all, if you happen to find a copy of this game, Considered to be one of the lucky people. If you happen to own the colorful BOX art and instruction manual, considered to be one of the rarest few to keep it as a whole.


Either way, the games value is Double if the set is completely full along with the adverts and manuals.


BE WARNED!!!!!!!!!

there are reproductions being released online, you can official own them but it will not hold it's originality. Box-sets are also being reproduced but it's No where NEAR real since it's Logo or emblems is either Enlargede by 5% or reducde by 4%..:P

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It's def one of the best for sure


My guess is that in another ten years if this is kept in the same condition it may very well double in value


Does anyone know if the repros also have the "GBA enhancement" feature ?


I never was clear on what that meant exactly as I played through it. It seems to be graphics and speed but maybe there are other things I didn't notice

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More often than not, rare/expensive classic games are usually not "great" games, or even good games


In this case we have a truly stellar game that should have been a huge hit that for whatever reason was not at the time


It could have been because it was released at the end of the GBC lifespan, although the Zelda "seasons" games that came out around the same time sold well... regardless of the reason, we have an amazing, clever, enjoyable game that also happens to be very rare


If I had not enjoyed it all these years I probably would not give it up for the money but I played it a lot. I can always get a repro if I need to go beyond emulation in the future


I'm hoping to put the money towards my sick elderly cat who was just diagnosed with lymphoma


I didn't want to make that the selling point in the original listing because I loath those ads on TV with the sick and abused animals with the sad music soundtrack


Anyway, hope it goes to a good home and that it continues to gain value over the years for the buyer so it is a solid investment as well as a worthy game to own

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Yep I got an original loose Shantae. Good luck on your sale, and yes, the repros / flash cart ROMs do detect GBA hardware for what it's worth. You don't miss a whole lot playing on a GBC, just a certain dance move that is exclusive to playing on GBA or Game Boy Player hardware.

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