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APX manuals

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A couple of more manuals I had scanned added since my first post.


Also to keep in mind APX did five revisions of their manuals but most programs did not have all the revisions done since some programs were discontinued and some were later releases. I have been trying to archive all versions.



Character Set Editor
BlackJack Casino.   https://archive.org/details/blackjackcasinoversion2manualapx
Presidents of the United States.    https://archive.org/details/presidents-of-the-united-states-version-2-apx

 Isopleth Map-Making Package
Utility Diskette II
Data Base/Report System
Word Search Generator
Real Estate Cash Flow Analysis.    https://archive.org/details/realestatecashflowanalysisapx
Diggerbonk(have educational Software version, not APX) 
Home Loan Analysis
Dragon's Quest or a Twist in the Tail (this title is an Antic Software release and may not exist as an APX release. It was a very late release and is in the last APX catalog but it may not have 'gotten out the door.')


Thanks,   @Fierodoug5

And thanks @BillC for scanning the Deep Blue C manual.

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