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Howdy folks,


Never owned an Atari before... *gasp* I know, it's blasphemy!! My parents owned one but that was before I was born, just by a couple years. So I decided it's finally time for me to get my own. I'd like to start with the xegs personally and see where it goes from there.


If anyone has one for sale, with all the included accessories it came with and hookups shoot me a message please. I'm not looking for a boxed unit, I'm sure that's well over $100 which is my price range.


It will be going to a good home. It'll be treated with love and respect. It'll have many other friends to hang out with (Nintendo and Sega). It'll will actually be played and not just on display. It'll have a nice big Sony trinitron to display all of it's 8 bit pixels on!


So let me know what you have.


Thanks everyone!




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