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Intellivision Model 1 Composite Video + Atari 2600 System Changer Mod?

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I'm wondering if anyone knows whether the Intellivision Model 1 system can be modified to be compatible with the Atari 2600 System Changer as well as a Composite A/V mod at the same time? If so, are the modifications easy or are they pretty difficult? I'm really interested in this because it seems like these mods would kill two birds with one stone, especially since my 2600 died recently.

Any light that can be shed on the subject is greatly appreciated!


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I can't answer your questions but if you don't have instructions for the system changer support modification, the original instructions can be found here.


Thanks, it actually looks rather simple aside from cutting the traces (UGH) but it shouldn't be too bad. I wish there were some modders on here that are knowledgable, I don't want to ruin my equipment...

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