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Finally got the Commodore 64 I've wanted since I was 11

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My first computer experience was with an old (even at the time) Commodore Pet that I used to hall out of a hall closet from my elementary school to use during the after school Latchkey program in the Library. I used it to teach myself the rudiments of Basic and I yearned for a commodore 64. A friend had a Vic 20 without a power supply and I gave him 20 dollars for it in 6th grade but I was never able to track down the power supply and eventually I gave up and tossed it in high school (this was before craigslist and the internet).

Now Fast Fwd to 2017, and I bought one and I'm sharing it with my daughter and son (mostly daughter since he's only 3) We started a retro gaming family youtube channel on youtube

here is the C64 video

figured I'd share!




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