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APE Fixed; Bad SIO2USB for free

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Hey folks - I had problems with AtariMax APE not working; turns out my SIO2USB is just bad (not being seen as a device on any computer), and APE didn't like the serial adapter I was using (although RespeQt had no problems). I switched to another serial port adapter and APE behaves now. I appreciate all of the help.


Anyway, I have an AtariMax SIO2USB adapter that appears bad. If anyone wants it (at the very least there's two good female SIO ports on it that could be desoldered/resoldered) send me a PM and i'll mail it to you free of charge. I don't want to throw it out as SIO ports are probably getting rarer. I would prefer to send to someone who will use it too :)...


(Once i'm done extracting files off of floppies I'll see if my soldering skills are good enough to put a U1MB in another 800XL..)



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