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Genesis and SNES collection sell off (all rpg's) *Also sealed neogeo pocket

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All are complete in box w/ cart and manual except syd of valis which is c/b. Would love to sell as a lot but will make bundle deals as well. Selling only but will include free shipping w/ tracking in U.S. I don't have a price on Landstalker yet bc this is the one that has the promotional fruit roll up with it
If you want a pic of insides (etc.) , please send me a pm and I'll shoot it over...thanks!

Syd of Valis $118
Valis $80 SOLD
Alisia $84
Shining Force $50
" II $75
Traysia $70
Wardner $70
Phantasy star III (manual worn)- free w/ purchase of 2 or more



Evermore $75
Gaia $55
Mystic Quest $40
Y's III $55
Zelda: LTTP $78

Zelda OOT $55
Zelda Majora $55




*Pending sold And neogeo is on ebay but I can pull it if interested: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-NeoGeo-Pocket-Color-Launch-Edition-Silver-Handheld-System-W-SONIC-GAME-/302227451071?hash=item465e28ecbf:g:kjMAAOSw3v5YpwlI

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How reasonable are you on that NGPC? I kept seeing it but didn't want to piss off the seller throwing a lowball. You do realize new ones don't go for anything near $250. I think you're basing it off that solitary one that had all the added stuff new as well. That DC-NGPC link cable goes for like $30(I see the new one did $20 oddly but there are a few used up to $35.) It also came with 18 games for that $300 price tag. I actually feel sorry for that guy, he didn't know what he had because he had Megaman in there which is an over $100 game loose as is Evolution in english (EU release) and Unitron is also over $100 new too.





I'd love to buy that off you but you'd have to come off that current value a lot.

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Someone will pay at least $200 for that. She doesn't have to come down that far. She has the ONLY new one for sale. Just because that one above only sold for $300 during the absolute worst time of the year for selling doesn't mean hers is worth less. Tax season is now sales are picking back up and it will sell.

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That's fine it was just a suggestion. Someone might go for it if they want a new one and that specific bundle enough I could see it. And yes I hadn't thought of tax season, a time of year people get extra loose with cash instead of saving it, repairing something, or go on a vacation they normally can't do. :)

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