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Atari 2600 stuff sale: Heavy Sixer, Woody, Games, CX-40, Paddles

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Shipping is not included in prices. Post sold for the items you want then PM me for shipping quote. Thanks!


Pending - 4 Switch Woody with original atari power supply - tested and working $29




Also available are 2 CX-40 joysticks $8 each and 1 set of paddles (no jitter) for $5. Each Buyer of the two consoles has first option to purchase the controllers (2 joys & one paddle set). If you aren't buying a console you can claim the controllers pending sale of the consoles and confirmation that they don't want to buy the controllers.


Boxed Atari 2600 games:


Midnight Magic $10

Amidar $7

Moon Patrol $10




Atari 2600 Games with manual:



SOLD - Centipede $3

Chopper Command $3

Donkey Kong $4

SOLD - Pac-Man $2

Super Challenge Baseball $3

SOLD - Video Pinball $3




Atari 2600 Loose Games:



Amidar $3

Battlezone $4

Blackjack (text label) $2

Bowling (picture label) 42

Centipede $2

Championship Soccer (text label) $2

Combat (picture label) $2

SOLD - Decathlon $4

Football (picture label) $2

SOLD - Kangaroo $3

Keystone Kapers $3

SOLD - Ms. Pac-Man $2

Ms. Pac-Man $2

Pac-Man $1

Pitfall $6

Q-bert $3

Reactor $3

Space Invaders (picture label) $1

Starmaster $2

Summer Games $3

Super Challenge Football $2

Taz $5

Tennis $2

Warlords $1






SOLD - Sears Tele-Games Heavy Sixer and original gray power adapter - tested and working with 2 CX-40 Joysticks, 1 set of Paddles, Centipede, Pac-Man, Video Pinball, Ms. Pac-Man



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One more bump before these go to eBay. I have a tentative local deal on the 4 switcher, 2 Joys, 1 paddle and a few games.

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