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Atari 2600 OS (Homebrew)

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Hi all, i have been messing around with bB the past few days and didn't know what to program for fun. So i decided creating a Atrai 2600 OS 'simulator' type program lol. Anyway i thought i would create this topic to see if there would be any interest in this sorta program or im just crazy... Im a really novice programmer with no professional programming experience so the functions and conditions are probably coded completely the wrong way, however they seem to work after a few bug tweaks. Thought a project like this would be a great way to learn new skills and expand my knowledge of programing.


So basically it fires up to a 'desktop' screen with a folder, trash can and a clock. The 'clock' always starts at 0 so its more of a counter of the time that has passed although it does display in 24hr so after 60 seconds the display adds a minute and resets the seconds ect. I know it's not very useful as no one is going to sit on the desktop doing nothing for hours but still it's a feature.


'The folder' can be opened and there is two 'files' within the folders containing a mini game of fly swatting or the folder can be closed with the little dot underneath the 'files'. For now the folder and trash can both goto the same directory structure and both 'files' are the same fly swatting game. I havent yet worked out and implemented differentiation between multi sprites so basically they all act as player1, hopefully i can work this out to add more features.


Anyway here is some screen shots, if there is any interests or tips it would be great to know.









Atari 2600 OS v0.3.0 (2017) (TT2600).bin


Well thats about it for now

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Interesting looks like someone has beat me to it, i had a look at their version and i must say it's nicely done. Not bad, there is a few features i may have to consider. Mine is an 8k rom so adding another program within the OS is the plan once i work out how to differentiate the files from each other (if possible). Good sign is there was interest so maybe some might get enjoyment out of it

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