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First Spear

Wishing for a new Intellivision Game - Space Squadron

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OK, nutty idea for the weekend. A 3rd-person POV space shmup, the player is like Colonel Wilma Deering from "Buck Rogers in the 25th century", piloting a squadron of 2-4 ships in a dogfight against n bad guy ships.


The mechanics would be reminiscent of Space Hawk, in that the space fighting area scrolls in every direction and is much larger than 1 Intv screen, but the ship fighting action would be much more fluid. The player would use the keypad to direct squadron ships to do different things (engage same hostile as me, defend only, free range attack any enemy, etc).


Action would remind you of this -> https://youtu.be/Tiwbs-Nvkto?t=1138



What do you think? Are there other games out there like that? Besides the obvious things like bacon, snow levels, and Ms. Arthur, what would make it fun?










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