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HSC14 Round 5 Poll

Another selection of games from your suggestions...  

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Round 5 Poll

If you've not done so already, feel free to add some games to the play list thread; they will appear at some point in the season. Checkout Atarimania for more info on the games. If you need any help getting things to work, post here or send me a message :)


Pogo Stick Trio


Crazy pogo-sticking action

Pogo Joe

Pogo Man , Info





"Collect" the money and take it to your hideout avoiding the law. There is a New Map for Getaway from the pod cast guys" PlayerMissile" and "Inverse Atascii" so we can play that as a bonus. You can also create your own using the tool provided :thumbsup:

Atarimania Getaway , Fandal XEX




A new one to me but it looks interesting :thumbsup:

Fandal XEX


Mountain King


Scrolling platformer - this is one game that I can never figure out properly! Lots of info on atarimania :)

Fandal XEX

Astro Chase


what can I say? It's ok :|

Fandal XEX


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Mountain King? :-D :-D :-D

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