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Extracting Apple II files from Disk Images

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I've been experimenting with Apple II emulation lately both on my computer and my modded Xbox, particularly because I'm a big Sierra fan. The Apple II versions of the original AGI (typing) games (King's Quest 1-3, Space Quest 1-2, Police Quest 1, Leisure Suit Larry, etc.) had the superior sound. The only trouble I've run into is the emulation, particularly on my Xbox which is where I would prefer to play, is quite slow and disk load times are killer. I've experimented with building virtual hard drives with some limited success.


What I'd like to do is play those games in ScummVM for Xbox. Apparently ScummVM will play Apple II games and it will emulate the Apple II sound chip. Where I've run into trouble is the only versions I have of those games are disk images (*.2mg) and ScummVM will only recognize a folder with the Apple II files in it.


Where I'm running into trouble is finding a way to extract the game files from the disk images and then getting ScummVM to recognize them. Anybody out there have any experience with this?

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You need CiderPress: http://a2ciderpress.com



I gave CiderPress a try but it extracted all the files with odd filename endings. For example:


AGIFONT was renamed AGIFONT#06000

SQ2.SYS16 was renamed SQ2.SYS16#b3000


Is this normal? ScummVM didn't have any luck recognizing the game either...

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Hmm...after some more experimenting...it seems that if I extract the files with Ciderpress then rename them removing the #_______ numbers at the end, it still doesn't recognize them.


BUT if I have a folder with the renamed files AND the ones with the #_____ numbers at the end, ScummVM DOES recognize them and it boots Space Quest 2.


But, of course, the version of ScummVM ported to the original Xbox is an older version that doesn't recognize them! Ha!

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Ok, the trouble I had was the two games I was testing had corrupted disk images. Once I figured that out I was in better shape. I used Ciderpress to extract all game files to a folder from the .2mg disk images I had. I then transferred those folders to various console versions of ScummVM to test: PS3, Xbox and Wii.

So....the Xbox version of ScummVM was unable to run ANY of the Apple IIgs games. The only one that loaded up at all was the Sierra Demo Disk and even then it would crash when you chose a game demo from the menu.
The PS3 port fared only slightly better. Of the games I tested, only three worked at all and two of them with graphical issues. (King's Quest III is the only one that appeared to work at all).
The Wii port worked the best. All of the Apple IIgs games worked perfectly. For reference I'll include a list of the AGI games I tested below.
For the record, the games all worked in KegsX on the Xbox and it's an awesome emulator but, as expected, the disk load times are long and I had a lot of trouble building virtual hard drives to run the games from. In the end, ScummVM on the Wii with a wireless keyboard seems to be the best option right now.
Any Sierra fans should check out the AGI versions of these games on the Apple IIgs, the sound is incredible.
Games Tested:
Sierra Games Demo
King's Quest 1 - 4 (4 is the AGI version)
Space Quest 1 - 2 (1 features speech on the first play screen)
Police Quest 1
Leisure Suit Larry 1
Gold Rush!
ManHunter New York
The Black Cauldron
Mixed-Up Mother Goose
The only AGI Apple game I couldn't test was Donald Duck's Playground as it is an Apple II game not a IIgs and I couldn't find an extractable disk image.
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