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Paulo Peccin

New Javatari web-based Atari 2600 emulator, now on Android and iOS devices!

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It was the default Android browser. Haven't tried it with Chrome or Opera, the other browsers I have on it.


Well that explains a lot, doesn't it?

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I just tried it on Chrome for Android. Kinda slow. Good to see the blurry filters finally working though.


But what got me excited is I saw a multiplayer online option in the documentation! I'd love to play some Atari games across the internet with my friends but I can't find the option in the emulator, even on the desktop browser version... How do I do it?


Edit: Or does it work only in a downloadable version? I tried downloading it but whenever i try to launch it gives an error and won't run.




Window is undefined


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There are 2 "incarnations" of Javatari. The OLD Java Applet one, and the new Javascript one.


The Network Multiplayer mode was available on the OLD Java version, but is not yet implemented in the new Javascript version.


You can try the Java version here: http://javatari.org/old/java/


But you must have the Java VM properly installed and enabled on you computer/browser. You can use it online in your browser, or download the standalone JAR and run it directly. No Mobile support on this version.



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I downloaded both Javatari-master and Javatari.js-master but neither worked. I can't get the Java version to work and Java doesn't let itself work anyway.


Any way you could make this more user-friendly? Cause what I would have had to go through is also what I would have to convince my friends to go through.

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There is no use to download the source code unless you are willing to build the project.


Running the Java version is as easy as going to the correct page and using it on your browser, or downloading the executable JAR file from the same page and running it with a double-click... Provided that you have Java on your machine.


But you see, that is the problem with the Java version.

It was easier some years ago, but nowadays the browsers do not enable Java Applets by default (you have to change the security settings), and people don't have Java on their machines as much as they had before.


There is not much I can do to make it more user friendly. You have to know how to make Java enabled on your machine.

But these days as it appears browsers do not like Java anymore, and there is an effort to make it harder to use for the average user (just like Flash).


That is why I switched to Javascript, to make it more user friendly and run on more devices.


I just did not implement the multiplayer feature yet, and focused first on making Javatari run on mobile devices.

Its the only Atari emulator that can be used on iOS phones....

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