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Idiots guide to putting a Vic-20 online

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I just picked up a WiModem for my Vic-20. I was wondering if anyone could help me with this little project of mine. So far I have loaded up Mighty Term and tried setting up the modem on it. However, when I tried using the AT commands to set the modem up all I receive is lines of garbage. (See images). I have the Mighty Term on an SD2IEC and I have a dorktronics 32k cart in the cartridge slot for expanded memory. Any help would be appreciated.



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So I got it up and running over the weekend. I wanted to write down what I did so if anyone in the future needs to figure it out they can follow this.


As the previous message my me stated, I run my Vic 20 with a 32K cart by dorktronic and am using a WiModem from CBMSTUFF.COM. I use a SD2IEC from TFW8B which I have loaded Mighty Term on it as my terminal program.


Once you have you stuff plugged in and you Vic 20 turned on. Load your terminal program from your SD card. Once in the terminal hit CTRL+1 to bring up the options menu. You need to change your baud rate to 2400. The WiModem is defaulted to that rate, but the Vic 20 cannot work in that rate, hit return to go back to the terminal and type in AT*B 1200. This will change the baud rate to 1200 on The modem. Once you have done that go back to the options menus and change the baud rate to 1200 on the terminal. Doing this first is important as it will allow the Vic to display actual words and not gibberish.


Next you need to set up the modem to the router. I believe the easiest way to do this is with WPS, simply hit the WSP button on the router and type in ATWSP into your terminal and hit enter. The modem picks it up and BAM you're connected. If you don't have WPS then using AT*N you can scan for your router and connect to it that way as well. You will just have to enter your network password in after you choose your router from the list displayed.Your modem has an LCD built into it. If you see your network name on it that means it is connected.


Once you're connected you can start connecting to BBSes. A list of them can be found here : cbbsoutpost.servers.com


To connect you put in ATDT(BBS address):(port)


I hope that was clear enough. One last thing. Once you have you modem set up as you like it type AT&W which will save the setting so when you power off and back on you don't have to do all of this over again.

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