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A controller "hub" -- does this even exist?

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So I'm sure it sounds amazingly lazy of me, but with the myriad of controllers out there, I hate having to swap them out in the console itself. I thought: man, it would be fantastic if some sort of "hub" existed where multiple controllers could be plugged in and selected via a switch.


So ... does anything of the sort even exist for 9-pin controllers like those found on the 2600?

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Assuming this 4 way switchbox supports all 9 pins, I'd think it would do the trick. Looks like you'd need gender changers to connect the controllers to the box and maybe a custom extension cable to go between the box and the console.




[edit]: there's a link to a more compatible switch box in the above mentioned link


If there were an output signal available on a multi-cart like Harmony that indicated which type of controller the game wanted, a sufficiently talented person would be able to automate the controller selection. That's a mighty big "if" though. There would also have to be some info somewhere to associate a controller type to each game.

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If you're worried about stressing the controller port on your console, just use an extension cable. Many Atari joysticks can be safely linked in parallel, but anything with active controls (like Genesis or anything with a Turbo button) would be bad idea with crossed/shorted outputs.

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