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Harmony Encore Issues: Was Working but now Black Screen

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Greetings Programs,


I have a Harmony Encore and it seemed like it was working fine, then all of a sudden it started giving me issues. I would have to reseat it a couple of times for it to work. Then finally all I get is a black screen. All of my other games work fine.


I cleaned it and it was a little dirty but not much and my Atari is really clean.


I tried reflashing the BIOS, switched to a different SD card and no help. I had to manually update the USB driver to get the cartridge to recognize but it finally did.


I am on v106 I think as i just got the cartridge about 2 weeks ago.


Thanks for any help.

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Did no one actually reply to this? Because my encore just did the exact same thing and I'm looking for a solution too. 

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Sometimes I respond over email instead.


I also got an email from you, thanks! Your situation (trouble programming the cart over USB) is one we are hoping to improve with the new Harmony cart programming software. Please let me know how it goes.

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