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Leader Board - Font Improvements

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Adjusted the font set as follows:


1. Slightly smaller and improved font - keeps characters from running up against the sides of the opening selections box, and adds better spacing between lines of characters.

2. Added a full "hash mark" to replace the stunted one.

3. Larger sized numbers for the scoreboard.

4. Other minor adjustments.


[Note: I know it's a terrible round of golf. I was playing on "Pro" setting, and I'm not that good yet. ;) ]


post-6369-0-02190800-1492360703_thumb.png post-6369-0-53318800-1492360711_thumb.png post-6369-0-71950100-1492360719_thumb.png


No editing done to the second disk, but included for completeness. The second disk just contains the additional courses.


Leader Board A (Font Improved).atr


Leader Board B.atr

Edited by MrFish
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I have this game. Love computer golf. Never actually played real life golf. I love the Lynx golf. Just started playing this again after many years. I used to get frustrated, but now that I am older, I love it. Great game, and it should have been the basis of what was really possible for the A8.

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